When it comes to businesses and trees, sometimes the two just don’t get on very well, and that’s where we come in to offer competitively priced arboriculture services. We offer professional tree removal and stump grinding services, ensuring that we can create clear, safe spaces in outdoor areas surrounding your commercial grounds. 

Whether a tree is a threat to safety or doesn’t fit garden design plans, our team can swiftly remove the trees or branches to prevent the damage of property or before it compromises the safety of pedestrians. 

However, we can also provide tree planting services, sourcing and planting trees that will accurately complement your grounds.

Trees can make or break a landscape; however, we provide correct removal and felling of trees for commercial companies across the Buckinghamshire area. 

Arboriculture services we can provide, include: 

  • Tree feeling
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree panting
  • Tree maintenance
  • Branch removal

Need some help with your trees? Elite Lawn Solutions are on hand to help:

t. 07543 197865 or e. email