Resin Bound Surfaces

Resin-bound surfaces are a modern, attractive solution to creating statement driveways. Our high technology resin is a stylish surface option with exceptional longevity, even when exposed to constant wear and tear.

If you’re looking for a stunning driveway or forecourt to welcome you home every day, resin-bound terrains are the ideal solution for you. When we lay the resin, we incorporate a drainage system to ensure that when it rains, the water sufficiently drains into the ground.

Another advantage of choosing resin for your outdoor surfaces is accessibility; people who use wheelchairs and pushchairs can access their home much more comfortably. The benefits extend to aesthetics, easy maintenance and even fast installation. With a team on hand dedicated to seeing the end result as much as you are, you can rely on Elite Lawn Solutions to deliver.

You can also combine resin with existing tarmac and concrete driveways, giving the designated area a refresh.

Resin is a low cost, an eco-friendly alternative to paving the ideal driveway to your residence. It also adds a modern aesthetic when added to existing surfaces. If you are looking to give your driveway a facelift or have a resin one laid out entirely, we’ll be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

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